Operations Coordinator

Smart Bellies   Breckenridge, CO   Full-time     Manufacturing / Production / Operations
Posted on March 7, 2023
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Smart Bellies is looking for someone to help with logistics and operations. The person in this position will help with food procurement, distribution logistics, and volunteer management.

Works with: Vendors, Volunteers, other Smart Bellies staff

Overview: Smart Bellies is looking for someone to help with food procurement and distribution logistics. This person will work closely with the rest of the Smart Bellies team to distribute weekly tasks and help with general operation. 2.5 hours needed on Wednesday night, 2.5 hours needed on Thursday night, 10 hours flexible throughout the week.

Duties and Responsibilities:
● Food Procurement (2 hours) - Each week Smart Bellies orders and obtains food from three main suppliers and online companies. This person will help to manage our inventory and order additional supplies for the prep and packing volunteer shifts on Wednesdays and Thursdays.
● Truck Deliveries (3 hours) - Currently we have a truck delivery Tuesday mornings (Shamrock), Tuesday afternoons (FBR) and every other Wednesday or Thursday (local farm). This person will help meet these trucks and manage the volunteers with food movement and storage (where things go, etc).
● Distribution Logistics (7 hours) - Smart Bellies is currently on a Wednesday to Friday volunteer run food distribution system. Wednesdays (5-7 pm) we prep fresh items, Thursdays (5-7pm) we pack all the food up for kids and families, and Friday the food is delivered to individual homes. The person in this position is not required to be present at all volunteer shifts, but will work out a schedule of when they can be available to help with these projects. In addition, this person will help manage our home delivery routes and volunteer assignments each week, making small changes and sending out logistics.
● Volunteer Management - When present at a volunteer shift, the person in this position will help manage the flow of the evening, making sure volunteers are aware of tasks and have the proper tools and information to complete them.
● Must be able to lift 50lb and be willing to use personal vehicle with gas reimbursement.