Direct Support Professionals

Horizons   Craig, CO   Full-time     Health Care
Posted on March 9, 2023

Horizons is hiring Direct Support Professionals to support individuals with Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities to live rewarding lives. Full-time and part-time. Health, dental, vision, life insurance and PTO for full-time. Sick time for Part-time. Hiring bonus! $18.17/hour $19.17/hour with CNA.


  • Have knowledge of personal care techniques and a thorough knowledge of developmental disabilities.
  • Have the ability to independently plan and organize time, and follow established procedures.
  • Have good verbal and written skills.
  • Have the ability to relate professionally with all staff.
  • Be flexible, reliable, punctual, assertive and neat-appearing.


High school diploma or G.E.D.

Necessary Special Requirements

  • Must be 18 years of age.
  • Must be able to lift 60 pounds.
  • Will have or obtain, as soon as possible after hiring, a Colorado driver’s license.
  • Will have or obtain, as soon as possible after hiring, CPR/first aid certification.
  • Must be present at training as provided by the agency.

General Responsibilities

Direct supervision of individual receiving services, implement programs, administer medications, attend medical appointments, attend Day Program, document a variety of daily routines and personal needs, facilitate integration of individual receiving services into the community, and assist with facility upkeep and maintenance needs.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Supervise daily routines and activities of individual receiving services.
  1. Supervise individual receiving services’ hygiene and grooming needs.
    1. Dress, and encourage individuals to dress, in a manner that inspires support from the community.
  1. Ensure individuals receiving services receive necessary medical attention.
    1. Accurately dispense medications.
    2. Document Medical Contact Notes.
    3. Fill current prescriptions.
    4. Complete medications count.
    5. Complete P.R.N. records, as needed.
    6. Render attention to individual receiving services in minor accidents or illnesses, and transport as necessary for individual treatment.
    7. Schedule and attend medical appointments.
    8. Immediately notify the Nurse of any medication changes.
    9. Maintain Medication Book.
    10. Perform tasks as trained and delegated by the nurse, including measuring vitals (including blood pressure readings), insulin injections, etc.
  1. Meet nutrition needs of individuals receiving services.
    1. Prepare and serve well‑balanced nutritional meals of adequate proportions utilizing individual receiving services assistance.
    2. Supervise kitchen and dining area cleanup with individuals receiving services.
    3. Assist Supervisor with menu planning and adhere to the prepared menu.
    4. Acknowledge and follow any specialized diet care plans
    5. Maintain menus on file for six months.
  1. Maintain required documentation
    1. Document ISP notes weekly and finish all documentation by the end of the calendar month
    2. Complete behavior tracking in accordance with BISSP
    3. Review and update health and safety plans quarterly as needed, at least annually
    4. Maintain personal belongings inventory
    5. Ensure events of an emergency nature or concern are documented and submitted by the next working day
    6. Report possible mistreatment, abuse, neglect, or exploitation (M.A.N.E.) issues immediately
    7. Complete and document emergency drills or content review in accordance with program procedures.
  1. Attend Day Program
  2. Notify Supervisor of unusual individual receiving services’ behavior and/or reactions or medical needs. Follow Behavior Management Programs as written.
  3. Follow recommendations made by the staffing team.
  4. Follow all protocols and procedures as written and document review via signature or electronic acknowledgement on Therap.
  5. Obtain individual receiving services personal needs and purchases, and maintain money ledger complete with receipts. Attend to banking needs.  Complete accurate record-keeping of House Checkbook, including receipts.
  6. Ensure all events of an emergency nature are documented on an Incident Report.
  7. Assist with family visits, participation and requests. Refer family questions or problems to Supervisor
  1. Provide opportunities for growth and experience with respect for personal choice of individuals receiving services.
  1. Provide services in accordance with individual’s annual service plan (IP).
  1. Prepare for Annual Individual Service Plan Meetings.
    1. Assist with evaluation of individual receiving services’ skills using agency evaluation tools.
    2. Assist with development of Individual Plans (I.P.’s), which must be complete within 30 days of staffing date.
    3. Ensure annual physical and lab work are scheduled and completed.
    4. Complete personal belongings inventory.
    5. Be an active member of the Interdisciplinary Team.
  1. Help with physical maintenance and transportation
    1. Notify Supervisor of maintenance needs.
    2. Assist with assuring that all necessary yard work (mowing, snow removal, watering) is completed or contact Supervisor.
    3. Assist with implementing and documenting monthly fire drill/s.
    4. Maintain vehicle/s in safe and clean manner. Purchase vehicle supplies (i.e., gasoline and oil).
    5. Assist with transportation of individuals receiving services, as scheduled.
    6. Inform Human Resources of driver’s license infractions.
    7. Supply personal vehicle insurance data to agency.

Vocational Responsibilities

  1. Provide transportation to and from the work site utilizing proper safety procedures.
  2. Ensure the job is completed as scheduled.
  3. Maintain positive communication with the work site employer.
  4. Notify the Vocational Specialist if more supplies are needed.
  5. Provide 1:1 work skills training, if indicated.
  6. Complete daily time sheets and employer receipts.
  7. Provide a proper role model for work crew individuals.
  8. Follow individual training programs as necessary.
  9. Use systematic instructions to train work requirements.
  10. Ensure work crew safety.

Agency-Related Duties

  1. Accurately record time worked at least weekly into payroll system.
  2. Submit expense report by deadline to Supervisor.
  3. Attend staff meetings, scheduled in-services and any other scheduled meetings.
  4. Familiarize self with Job Description and Horizons’ Policies and Procedures.
  5. Work cooperatively with coworkers and supervisors.
  6. Present a positive image of Horizons.
  7. Submit all monthly reports by deadline to Supervisor.
  8. Maintain supply of needed forms at facility.
  9. Other duties as assigned.

This position is supervised by the Adult and/or Residential Community Coordinator.